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Health & Allergies

Vancouver Health & Allergies

Parenting Your Child to Sleep - Dr. Nicky Cohen, C. Psych.
We are pleased to offer counselling services for parents in the areas of infant, toddler and preschooler sleep disturbances including: bedtime problems, night wakings, early morning wakings, daytime sleep difficulties, nightmares, sleep terrors and sleepwalking. Services may be covered by Extended Health Care Benefit Plans.
416.783.3900 | dr.nickycohen@kidsleep.ca | www.kidsleep.ca
Blue Bear Aware
Blue Bear Aware provides children with allergies, fun and fashionable clothing and accessories options. Children also can chose from epinephrine pouches, lunch bags, badges, stickers and more. Blue Bear Aware is an on-line store but can be found in retail stores in Calgary and Vancouver.
604 760 5573 | info@bluebearaware.com | www.bluebearaware.com
No Nuts Please T-Shirts
Our shirts act as a confidence builder, and they educate everyone around! Remind your friends, family, caregivers, teachers and tell the world that you have a severe nut allergy! It's all about awareness ... looking good is just a bonus! All that in a T-shirt. Amazing. All T-shirts are screen in White + "Nut" Brown on the front centre of the shirt.
416-484-6489 | lisa@bordencom.com | www.nonutsplease.com