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Parenting Your Child to Sleep - Dr. Nicky Cohen, C. Psych.
We are pleased to offer counselling services for parents in the areas of infant, toddler and preschooler sleep disturbances including: bedtime problems, night wakings, early morning wakings, daytime sleep difficulties, nightmares, sleep terrors and sleepwalking. Services may be covered by Extended Health Care Benefit Plans.
416.783.3900 | dr.nickycohen@kidsleep.ca | www.kidsleep.ca
First Aid and CPR Training in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario
First Aid and CPR Courses in Ottawa and throughout Eastern Ontario. Our courses are fun and informative. You will receive Red Cross Certification. Learn how to save a life. Parents and caregivers will learn child and infant CPR. We provide courses on site to groups.
613-853-9246 | krista@firstaid4u.ca | www.firstaid4u.ca/