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Calgary Programs

Sportball – Multi-Sport Programs (3 – 9yrs)
Sportball Multi-Sport skills development programs introduce preschool and primary school children to the concepts and skills involved in the eight core sports of the Sportball methodology. Classes are conducted once a week in one-hour sessions, using developmentally appropriate methods to introduce, practice and refine gross motor skills. The programs reinforce the benefits of teamwork and skills development rather than the importance of winning, enabling children to gain the confidence and develop the social skills necessary to succeed in sport and life.
905-882-4473 | registration@sportball.ca | www.sportball.ca
Sportball – Sportball Junior (16-24mos), Parent & Child, Me & My Dad (2-4yrs)
Parents and caregivers can have a direct hand in a preschooler’s development through our range of Multi-Sport programs. Sportball Junior, Parent & Child and Me & My Dad programs teach children important introductory physical skills and help them develop confidence in their abilities. The programs also help adults understand proven teaching techniques that can be applied outside of Sportball classes. Classes focus on refining, rehearsing and repeating skills and playing games in a fun, creative, non-competitive environment. Classes are conducted once a week in 45-minute sessions – just the right length of time for active little minds and bodies.
905-882-4473 | registration@sportball.ca | www.sportball.ca
The Menu Companion
Want to host a dinner party but.....Don't know where to begin? Tired of rummaging through cookbooks, the internet or magazines? You can never seem to get the timing right on the dinner? If you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios then let The Menu Companion help you plan your next party. Our dinner menu plans will have you and your guests enjoying a delicious and visually stunning meal; all the while keeping the planning and cooking to a minimum.
905-849-9007 | info@themenucompanion.com | www.themenucompanion.com
Youth Coach Canada
Newly launched Youth Coach Canada helps kids, teens, and young adults meet with success by making professional life coaching services available to youth aged 11-21. YCC offers private and group coaching, workshops, and in-school programs. YCC is dedicated to empowering today's youth—teaching them powerful skills to succeed in school and into the future—and at a fraction of usual professional rates.
905.515.9822 | info@YouthCoachCanada.com | www.YouthCoachCanada.com/
Music for Young Children
For over 34 years and across 3 continents, Music for Young Children has inspired children from as young as 3 years old to be creative, expressive and inventive through music! A multi-sensory approach to musical learning blends the joy of music making with sound instruction, creating a positive impact on children's memory, cognitive development and critical thinking skills. Discover why Music for Young Children is one of Canada's leading music programs for young children.
1-800-561-1692 | myc@myc.com | www.myc.com
Imagine Music Inc. - Music Lessons
Personalized Approach to Music Lessons. Imagine Music Inc. is a unique and innovative company where Calgary students and teachers collaborate to achieve musical success. We believe that a positive work environment includes personal dedication and professional growth mixed with team spirit, creativity and fun. Our music classes offer both traditional conservatory style music courses, and equally professional music lessons for the music hobbyist or mature student.
403 730-0684 | info@imaginemusicinc.com | www.imaginemusicinc.com
Red Phoenix Tae Kwon Do
Learn Olympic-style Tae Kwon Do from a champion at Red Phoenix Tae Kwon Do! Master Joo-han Cha, 6th-degree Black Belt, M.Sc., B.Phys.Ed. combines his competition success, coaching experience, and academic credentials to offer high-quality Tae Kwon Do classes for all ages. A 4-time Korean National champion, Master Cha has the competition and coaching background to build future champions, as well as the energy and enthusiasm to lead classes that children and parents will love.
403-277-7937 | info@redpx.com | www.redpx.com
Military Museum- Summer Youth Program
The Summer Youth Program is very popular among summer day camp groups and is best suited for children ages 4-12. The Summer Youth Program is 120 minutes and includes an interactive play, a guided gallery tour, an artefact handling session and 30 minutes to explore galleries and tanks on your own. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn about the amazing contributions the Canadian Military is making throughout the world! Come on down to the Military Museums of Alberta!
404-974-2858 | teresa@themilitarymuseums.ca | www.themilitarymuseums.ca
The Art Gallery of Calgary
The Art Gallery of Calgary is a non-profit public art gallery. We help make art part of everyday life by creating opportunities for people to actively participate in the cultural life of their community. The AGC's exciting offering of education and public programs provide the public with opportunities to discover contemporary art, interact with contemporary artists and express themselves through art.
403-770-1350 | info@artgallerycalgary.org | www.artgallerycalgary.org
MS Read-A-Thon
The MS Read-A-Thon is a national fundraiser for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. It's easy to organize, fun for children and promotes reading skills that will last a lifetime. Contact us to learn how your family can get involved. Help turn a page in the movement to end MS.
1-800-268-7582 x3191 | rat@mssociety.ca | www.msreadathon.ca
MEGA Magic Camp
Western Canada's Largest Magic Day Camp for 12 Years and older..YES Adults too. Learn the basic to Sleight of Hand using cards, coins, ropes, escape. All Magic covered. SUPPLIES INCLUDED
403 230 0810 | MegaMagicCamp@shaw.ca | www.MegaMagicCamp.com
Creative IQ (TM) - Teaching Creative Enrichment to Kids
Creative IQ (TM) Media is excited to present a revolutionary new book for parents and teachers, Creative IQ (TM): Giving Your Child the Creative Edge in a Competitive World by Jo-Anne Schneeweiss and Shelley Sefton. Children with the ability to think, process information, and express themselves creatively will have an extra set of skills to draw upon as broad-minded, motivated adults, confident in their ability to make a valuable contribution to any group or endeavour. Learn more about Creative IQ (TM) and discover hands-on activities to help develop it.
Music Centre Canada 403-736-0411