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Kathy Buckworth
Kathy Buckworth is an experienced writer and public speaker, with numerous publishing credits in both national and local magazines and newspapers. She is the author of The Secret Life of SuperMom (Sourcebooks, 2005), and SuperMom: A Celebration of All You Do (Sourcebooks, 2006). Her third book, Journey to the Darkside: SuperMom Goes Home will be published by Key Porter in July, 2007.
Shure Consulting Services
Hiring a nanny? We offer a special consulting service that takes the mystery out of figuring out how much to pay your nanny, taxes involved, how room and board works, and other associated costs. Have a nanny? We take the headache out of preparing your nanny’s T4 and will keep you up-to-date on tax changes throughout the year to maximize tax savings.
905-326-3222 | info@nannytax.ca | www.nannytax.ca
The Kitchen Companion - Personalized Kitchen and Meal Coaching
Like a fitness trainer, a kitchen coach can help you and your family make a healthy change to your life not only physically through better eating habits but mentally by relieving stress in the kitchen. This is an in home service that provides meal assessment, pantry re-organization, cooking instruction and on-going support. We’ll spend time with you organizing, planning and teaching you in a more organized and efficient kitchen - yours.
(905) 849-9007 | thecookscompanion@sympatico.ca | www.thecookscompanion.ca
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto
Big Brothers and Sisters of Toronto matches adults over the age of 19 to children between the ages of six and 18 in a one-to-one mentoring relationship that is fun and rewarding to both. For decades, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto have been well known and respected for the important service they provide to children in our community.
416-925=8981 | info@bbbst.com | www.bbbst.com
Youth Coach Canada
Newly launched Youth Coach Canada helps kids, teens, and young adults meet with success by making professional life coaching services available to youth aged 11-21. YCC offers private and group coaching, workshops, and in-school programs. YCC is dedicated to empowering today's youth—teaching them powerful skills to succeed in school and into the future—and at a fraction of usual professional rates.
905.515.9822 | info@YouthCoachCanada.com | www.YouthCoachCanada.com/
Parenting Your Child to Sleep - Dr. Nicky Cohen, C. Psych.
We are pleased to offer counselling services for parents in the areas of infant, toddler and preschooler sleep disturbances including: bedtime problems, night wakings, early morning wakings, daytime sleep difficulties, nightmares, sleep terrors and sleepwalking. Services may be covered by Extended Health Care Benefit Plans.
416.783.3900 | dr.nickycohen@kidsleep.ca | www.kidsleep.ca
Finding the Way Learning Centre
Offering home and centre based ABA/VB programs for children. Social Skills, academics, behavioural support for children.
905-669-2132 | findingtheway@rogers.com | www.ftwautism.com
Toronto Criminal Lawyer - Reid Rusonik
Reid Rusonik is a trial lawyer who defends people against criminal charges, including young persons charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.
Mr. Rusonik is the senior partner in the law firm that bares his name, Rusonik, O'Connor, Ross, Gorham & Angelini LLP. Please feel free to call him to discuss a solution to any criminal law problem.
416-410-4811 | www.acquitted.ca
MS Read-A-Thon
The MS Read-A-Thon is a national fundraiser for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. It's easy to organize, fun for children and promotes reading skills that will last a lifetime. Contact us to learn how your family can get involved. Help turn a page in the movement to end MS.
1-800-268-7582 x3191 | rat@mssociety.ca | www.msreadathon.ca
Maternity & Wellness Centre and Itsy Bitsy & Kids Yoga
We are a multi-disciplinary maternity & wellness centre offering a variety of holistic services aimed at general health & wellness, fertility, pregnancy, hormonal balance, kids health & parenting. We offer classes: Yoga (Pre & Post-Natal, Itsy Bitsy Yoga ® 0-4yrs, Kiddie Yoga 4-11yrs, as well as mom & baby classes, parenting classes, infant nutrition workshops, stress reduction workshops and much more!
416-480-ZENN | info@zenbeginnings.com | www.ZenBeginnings.com
Tali's Fund for Paediatric Brain Tumour Research and Family Support
Tali’s Fund was established in loving memory of Tal Esther Doron, a beautiful little girl who died in August 2007 at the age of 4, after a courageous struggle with a malignant brain tumour. Tali's Fund helps fund vital research at SickKids Hospital aimed at learning more about paediatric brain tumours, the second most common type of cancer in children. It also supports families with children battling brain tumours.
(905) 731-9400 | info@taldoron.com | www.talisfund.org
Thornhill Speech-Language Pathologist for Children - Kim Doron
Over 15 years of experience with children of all ages. Areas of therapy include articulation, speech and language delays or difficulties, motor speech disorders (childhood apraxia of speech), stuttering, and voice disorders. Kim sees children with various types of special needs, such as autism spectrum disorders and developmental delays. She also has experience as a music teacher and enjoys incorporating music into her sessions.
(905) 731-9400 | kimdoron@rogers.com
Creative IQ (TM) - Teaching Creative Enrichment to Kids
Creative IQ (TM) Media is excited to present a revolutionary new book for parents and teachers, Creative IQ (TM): Giving Your Child the Creative Edge in a Competitive World by Jo-Anne Schneeweiss and Shelley Sefton. Children with the ability to think, process information, and express themselves creatively will have an extra set of skills to draw upon as broad-minded, motivated adults, confident in their ability to make a valuable contribution to any group or endeavour. Learn more about Creative IQ (TM) and discover hands-on activities to help develop it.
Maxi Mind Learning Centres - Brain Training That Works.
About ten percent of children have serious problems at school resulting from ADHD,dyslexia,autism or other conditions that affect learning.
Maxi Mind's mission is to remedy these conditions by providing brain training courses that are safe and effective.We help children succeed by coaching them through brain-stimulating exercises and activities clinically proven to improve mental performance and remediate learning disabilities.
416-858-9868 | info@maximind.ca | maximind.ca
Autism Ontario (416) 246-9592 ext.232
Canadian Down Syndrome Society 1-800-883-5608
Juvenile Diabetes Research foundation 1-877-CURE 533
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada 1-800-268-7582
Learning Disabilities Association of Canada 1-613-238-5721
Canadian Mental Health Association of Canada (416) 484-7750