Find our second tip in our Week of 'Quick Chic' Entertaining Tips!

Return of the Potluck!

When we first moved out of the house, dinner parties generally consisted of potlucks. Friends would each bring a dish, and we would sit on the floor, couches or stand and enjoy each other's company over a hodge podge of plates and dishes.

Next came registries and with a complete set of dishes, we started entertaining and preparing the entire meal ourselves. Guests were invited and enjoyed a lovely meal and great conversation.

Then came children. Same dishes and inspiration. Less Time and less entertaining.

Our solution: Return of the Potluck!

We've all done it, and enjoyed it. We all appreciate the chance to spend time with our friends and are only to happy to ease the burden for our hosts. A potluck can be fun for everyone.

Design a dinner party around a theme. For example, pick Finger Foods, Harvest, Tapas or a Country of part of the world. Ask each of your guests to bring part of the meal and know what parts of the meal are required/still required. Cover any gaps and make a main dish.

Then laugh, eat and be merry with a manageable amount of preparation.

Let us know your success stories!