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About Us

KidsAroundCanada was started as an internal office Newsletter that quickly became a ‘necessity’ to its recipients. The evolution from email to website was a logical avenue to service the growing list of enthusiastic parents.

Jo-Anne, the web site’s creator and mother of two girls, is a lawyer with a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology. Her experience teaching children is ample, as she is a qualified speech and dramatic arts instructor, and has led classes in drama, music, arts and crafts, dance and recreational games. Jo-Anne created this site because, as a parent, she wanted access to the type of information this site now provides.

Joining the Editorial Team are our team of expert columnists Kathy Buckworth, Rob Stringer, Samantha Wilson, Dr. Janna Nadler, Nadine Hughes, Corinne McDermott, Lisa Borden and Nathalie Perezeau. They bring their insights, humour and knowledge to the pages of our online journal, E*MAG.

Thousands of visitors across Canada have embraced this site and rewarded its content and reliability with millions of hits. The site has become the resource of choice for thousands of parents who have come to rely on its Calendar of Events to plan their family’s outings and recreation. Contests, Feature Articles by our regular and guest columnists, Reviews and Children’s Activities to occupy and challenge the imagination, a Chat Zone, a comprehensive Directory of Activities, Goods and Services and Coupons complete the offering.

Our Free Newsletter keeps subscribers in touch with information about the site and new contests as they are launched.

Unsolicited Testimonials attest to the enthusiasm of our readers:-

“Vintage parenting advice with a modern twist.” – The Thornhill Liberal Newspaper.

"What a great website. It’s great to be able to go to one site and find all kinds of ideas, and be able to share with others. Thank you!" - Celeste, P. (Toronto)

"I have 8 grand-children and I just love to see children enjoying themselves and feeling good about it. Thank you for this." - Clair, R. (Markham)

"What a fabulous site!" - Diana, C. (Ajax)

"I absolutely love this web site!!" - Jodi, F. (Toronto)